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About Us

BeatQ is the No 1 smart Cloud EPOS solution ideal for every hospitality business (Restaurants, Hotels, Bars, Catering Services, and Canteens etc.) for accepting customer orders and payments.

The system offers many features including two ordering menu interfaces for admin users, and menu QR code auto generated to promote our renowned contactless ordering system at the comfort of your restaurant tables or hotel rooms.

Staff can take orders and get it automatically printed via our cloud technology without having to turn on any system screen close to the printers or you can easily opt for our paperless service which doesn’t require any printer to save the planet. Our paperless service offers your kitchen the ability to see all orders queue up on screen without printing, and it can be assigned to any kitchen staff for preparation as an optional service.

The system has many features such as category management, items management, inhouse orders management, new orders manager, SMS marketing, admin users’ management, Role creation, Coupons, Tips, Report generation, Multicurrency, dynamic settings, link for big touch screens, kitchen dashboard orders monitor, Web link for your websites orders which will save you cost on ecommerce, and easy payment integration such as Dojo, Stripe, Paystack, Truelayer amongst others.

Think BeatQ today!

Our Core Values

B - Better By Far

E - Energy

A - Accountability

T - Transformation And Reliability

Q - Quality Service

BeatQ was introduced to support businesses in the hospitality industry to drive sales in a unique way which will in turn attract more customers and improve their spends. Business processes have changed drastically in recent times due to post covid.

Our binding promise to you is:
To continue to be innovative, accountable, energetic, reliable, provide excellent customer service, and above all to be fair in all our dealing transactions.

How does BeatQ benefit your hospitality business?

Sign up in minutes and use anywhere.

We offer a fully Web based PWA (Progressive Web Application) solution which can be used on any device e.g. tablets and mobile phones as Application is fully responsive.

Upload menu easily and edit it in real time.

Different categories can be keyed into your menu section, amend prices, set breakfast, lunch and dinner. All these can be done easily and in real time. When an order is out of stock customers can also be alerted.

End-to End paperless solution.

BeatQ have you covered as solution is paperless from the point of order to the point of receiving the order by the kitchen and also the waiters via their devices. invoices are sent via text or emails.

Data insight infographics.

You will have access to a dashboard that keeps you updated on the general trend of your business using our smart Al tool.

How does BeatQ benefit your hospitality business?...cont'd

Sales Increase.

You don't have to loose your customers when orders comes out late because you would have already have them locked in. You will experience 15-20% in sales increase.

BeatQ is the master of convenience.

Customers can order items or re- order items using our add-more feature with just a few clicks using their fingers.

Use cloud printing.

All your customers' orders can be printed automatically via cloud if the admin epos is not opened on any device while you work on their orders. Multiple printers can be set up in different locations e.g bar and kitchen area printers

SMS Marketing.

You can easily promote your business via SMS to your regular customers and you can easily add more contacts to growing lists.


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